Changes on

This website will go through some major changes. The design is going to change and so will the structure of the site. We will do our best to keep the old links working so any bookmarks you may have made won’t break. Please check back regularly to see what we’re doing. If you like more information about how make websites the right way you will like the changes we are going to make.

One element which will stay dominant on this website is the “why” factor. It is often much easier to learn and adopt the right way to do things when you understand the reason behind it. When you understand the intended purpose of doing things a certain way, you&quo;ll be able to use it to your advantage and make your websites faster, easier to maintain and draw more visitors.

The articles posted here will push you to think and hopefully give you some “aha” moments. Many website will show you step by step tutorials but don’t explain the concept behind it and this is what we will try to include in our articles.

So far our articles have been limited to (X)HTML, CSS and WordPress. Soon we will add other topics to this site such as PHP, HTML5, Google Adwords & Analytics, marketing and more. We want to focus on all different elements needed to make a successful website and not only the technical or code side.

The reason for all these changes is because is now part of Van Berghem Communications and Clean Creative Communications.

We hope you’ll enjoy the changes and the direction this website is going to take

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